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Howard and Bonnie Julien

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Howard's Blog - May 13, 2022
My take on what is going on this week.

The 2022 Mid-Term Elections and the Constitution

The mid-term elections are coming up again in a few months. It is an opportunity for the Republicans and the Democrats to establish majorities in Congress. The Republicans seem to feel that their best strategy is to appeal to the Trump supporters who lost the 2020 Presidential election. The Democrats seem to feel that their best strategy is accomplish very little while they control both the Senate and the House of Representitives.

Meanwhile back at the ranch... inflation is raging, the stock market is falling rapidly, Covid-19 hasn't been defeated, Roe v. Wade may be overturned, the Russian military is destroying Ukraine, mothers can't buy formula for their babies and there is ever-increasing violence in our streets. Each of these are serious problems in their own right. The future appears bleaker than at any time since 2001. Yet the major party's strategies for the elections are completely oblivious to reality.

I have never seen a time that screams as loudly to "Throw out all the bastards and replace them with new bastards". I can't think of a single member of Congress (or either of the two most recent Presidents) who deserve to be re-elected based upon what they have done and advocated to solve real issues. Not Joe Binde, not Nancy Pelosi, not Mitch McConnell, not Kevin McCarthy, not Patty Murray, not Derek Kilmer, not Maria Cantwell (who is she ?) and above all not Donald Trump.

According to the Preamble of our Constitution, We the People created the goverment for five reasons:

  • 1 The establishment of justice
  • 2 Insuring domestic dranquility
  • 3 Providing for the common defense
  • 4 Promoting the general welfare
  • 5 Securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity

How are they doing on these folks? How are the combination of Republicans and Democrats that we have elected doing? They are providing for the common defense, but on all the rest I think they deserve an "F" grade. And there are no realistic, attainable plans being presented by either side (especially the MAGA, former, soon to be indicted ex-president Trump) for having the elected government function as intended by the founding fathers. Whether your representitives are Republicans or Democrats ...Throw all of the bastards out.

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2022 at the Juliens

Happy 2022. Let's hope that 2022 returns us to some kind of the normalcy that we last experienced in 2019.

After last year's medical issues, I feel really good now. I've lost 60 pounds and I can walk 2-3 miles again every day without any shortness of breath. And I have (as has Bonnie) received the two original doses of the Moderna vaccine,a booster in late October, and a second booster in April. We both feel pretty good about going out in public and essentially returning to normal.

One of our big plans this year is to finish supervision of a major sewer project that is taking place in our neighborhood. Currently our sewer line runs under Oyster Bay to a collection and pumping station about a half mile from here. As you might imagine a aging city main sewer line below the salt-water bay could easily become an environmental nightmare. About 50 homes in our area attach to this line and all are being changed to below street sewer lines. It will cost the city about $6 million dollars for this project which if you do the math is about $100 000 per home. We aren't being charged for the project except for a small increase in our water and sewer utility bills. The project started in July 2021 and is and will continue to be a mess.

Early in December contractors dug up our yard and installed a small sewer line that will feed the new system. The city will be installing a new 200 amp electrical service panel in our basement, a grinder pump with a small holding tank underground in our back yard (under where our picnic table is). The new sewer line will run up the hill to a multi-home collection and pumping station which will be installed below the street (by our mailbox). All of the homes on our street will utilize this collection and pumping station. Some of the homes are above the level of the station and will not require pumps. This pumping station will pump sewage up to the city main sewer line underneath Kitsap Way which is a linear run of about 400 feet and an elevation change of about 60 feet. If you haven't been on our street it is a very steep slope down from Kitsap Way to our house. Did I mention that this is going to be a mess?

Other than that there is not much going on with us. Bonnie is working on her book art projects and attending Zoom workshops several times a month. Howard is busy with Rotary (back via Zoom )and has been participating quite successfully in art fairs and events on Bainbridge Island

Lauren and her family are doing well in Port Orchard. She is able to work remotely and feels that the pandemic has made her work and life better. Ben is in the seventh grade at Cedar Heights Middle School after attending the on-line Connections Academy during the Pandemic. Ethan is three and attending pre-school twice a week. Bonnie takes care of him on Wednesdays to give Corey a break.

Kevin still lives in Medford and recently married Selina. Theo is fourteen, Megan is ten and they live with their Mom in Eugene. Anna is out on her own in Corvallis and is working at McDonald's and hoping to get back to school at the community college.

Please Excuse the Dust.

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