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One Nation, Indivisible ?

When the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics broke up in 1991 we cheered. Reagan had won the cold war. Now Vladimir Putin is trying to get the band back together again, and has his armies stuggling in eastern Ukraine. We are fearful and are doing whatever we can to prevent this from happening. Didn't Ukraine have the right (by manifest destiny?) to withdraw from the USSR?.

Zoom across the sea to Texas. The state legislature is making noise about trying (once again) to leave the Union (No, of course not the Soviet Union, but the good ol' US of A union of states). They tried earlier, in 1861. We celebrate Juneteenth because Texas wasn't able to convince the majority of states that this was their right. But this freedom of the former Republic of Texas to secede was only prevented by military action... Not by the rule of law.

if Ukraine had the absolute right secede from the USSR, why doesn't Texas (a former independent republic like Ukraine) have the same right to leave a liberal democracy like the United States. The matter was not adjuticated in the United States Supreme Court. The US Constitution is mum on the issue except that tenth amendment says The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States. That sounds to me as if the US Government can't prevent states for seceding. We don't know for sure because the Supreme Court (yes. the same one that just ruled that states can't regulate guns) hasn't even decided the issue of succession.

So what happens if the State of Texas decides to leave the United States and return to its previous status as an independent republic? One of the main reasons that the Confederate States of America were not successful in establishing their independence was that no other major nation recoognized their sovereignty. How long do you think it will take Putin to recongnize an independent Texas? If you guessed 12 seconds, I suspect that you would be close.

What about the US Government, would it act like the Buchanan administration or the Lincoln. Lincoln was willing to see the deaths of over 600,000 Americans to preserve the Union. Would Biden, so soon after there were a million American deaths during the Pandemic? Short of war there could only be a negotiated peace. Would Texas have to absorb it's share (either by state share or population share) of the existing national debt? (I suspect yes). Would the federal government give up it's ownership of undeveloped lands? How about Military bases. How about Military hardware. How about the Lockheed-Martin F35 manufacturing facility in Ft. Worth or Pantex facility which builds nuclear weapons in Amarillo. Would there be free trade... etc etc etc. A long list to negotiate.

If there were Russian interference in this process, would the US Air Force bomb Texas during negotiations? A lot to contemplate. This could be our own Ukraine. Does Texas have the same right to seceed as did Ukraine? Which side of history will we end up on. Will the United States of America continue as one nation, indivisble.