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Right-Wing Talk Radio - 2023

This week I went on a road trip to Central Oregon alone in my truck. A trip like this gives me an opportunity to do something that I never do at home. I listen to Right-Wing Talk Radio. When I used to listen to it (in the Rush Limbaugh pre-Sean Hanity era) I believed that it was Conservative Talk Radio. No longer. It is now right-wing borderline facist, xenophobic, racist talk radio. It takes it all from Mussolini's and Joseph Goebbel's propaganda methods. It is nothing more. I also confess that I have never watched Fox News.

Clay Travis and Buck Sexton now lead off the former EIB broadcast, followed by Glenn Beck and Mark Levin. The format is the same, the audience is the same as when Rush and Sean were the hosts. Stupid ideas, Stupid callers. Scary Stupid. Trump Kool-Aid drinkers.

In many ways Right-Wing Talk Radio and Donald Trump are made for each other. Trump's big-talk no-action ideas parallel those of talk radio and they have the same bombast.stolen elections is just Trump being Trump.

In a similar vein, President Biden can do nothing good, leads a vast criminal empire called the libs and should be in jail along with his son Hunter. Inflation is rampant; the borders are open; billions are being wasted in aid to Ukraine; crime , drugs and the homeless is everywhere; wokeness is taking over society while poor Donald Trump is being unjustly persecuted.

These entire premises are laughable.

The one about the vast criminal empire controlled by President Biden called The Libs is perhaps the most ridiculous. According to the Right-Wing Talk Radio hosts The Libs lead by President Biden are in a coordinated effort to re-make the United States into everything that Right-Wing Talk Radio is against.

Thats a laugh, the great philosopher Will Rogers, said that he was not even a member of any organized political party... he was a Democrat. Absolutely true, the Democratic Party seems to welcome a wide spectrum of ideas.. from those of President Biden, who seams relatively middle-of-the-road, to Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the far left. Anyone can be a Democrat while only those in facist lock-step with Trump can be Republicans.

Actually, it's not really funny... It's scary.