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Separate Trials in Georgia Coming Up

Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis has tipped her hand regarding multiple trials for those indicted in Trump's case in Georgia. She has stated that she wants all co-defendents tried together. Perhaps, though, she has something else in mind.

Former Trump attorney and co-defendent Kenneth Chesbro has asked Fulton County to provide him with a "speedy and public trial" as required by the sixth amendment to the Constitution. The courts have granted his request and his trial is scheduled to begin on October 23.

Here is a chance for any defendents to separate their trials from Trumps. Now the cases can move forward. Every defendent who wants a separate trial can request a "speedy trial" and go to trial on October23. Any who chose not to, will wait with Trump.

Those who truly believe that Willis cannot prove her case, or that they are in fact innocent of the charges can distance themselves from Trump. But they have one month to do so. This is also an opportunity to plea bargain with the District Attorney's office.

I'm sure Willis will be prepared to go to court, with all guns blazing on October 23. This gives her team a chance to arrange not only early but also vocal, on-the-public-record plea bargains from any and all... all without Trump or his attorneys being involved or being able to cross-examine the accusers.

Of course, during Trump's trial those who have bargained a guilty plea will have to testify against Trump and be cross-examined by Trump's attorneys. But that is months, if not years away.

Any and all of these pleas will be in the public record before any Republican Party primaries next spring, long before the nomination process concludes and long before the election in November 2024. Trump will look ever more guilty for over a year before he will take his chances in court.

And better still, Trump can't do a damn thing about it.