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Replacing Older Senators

Once again this week Mitch McConnell the senior (by age -81 years and by years of service in the Senate ) senator from Kentucky and also the Senate Minority Leader "froze" again while making a speech. The media is all abuzz saying we should do something,..he is to infirm to serve.

Well we, as a nation, can do nothing. McConnell has been elected to the Senate by voters of Kentucky to represent the state. It is totally up to them to decide if his is unfit to continue serving them. He can be recalled. That is the only option for "doing something" regarding his service to the nation.

In a similar vein Diane Feinstein the senior (by age - 90 and by years of service in the Senate) senator from California is showing signs of her age and is having difficulty serving. The media is all abuzz saying we should do something,..she is to infirm to serve.

Once again it is up to the voters, this time the voters from California. The Democrats in the Senate can do nothing.. just hope she shows up for quorum calls and votes.

The Republican Party members in the Senate can do something about McConnell's service to the Republican Party as party leader. They can replace him as minority leader.

John Thune from North Dakota is currently the Senate Republican Whip and is perhaps next in-line for the Minority Leadership position. He is only 61 years old, conservative and does not seem to believe that Donald Trump should be the next president. He supports Tim Scott's bid for the Republican Party presidential nomination.

The Magabillies and their fearful leader Trump are aghast. Not only do they not have Mitch McConnell pushing the Maga agenda, John Thune is up next. This is a good thing.

In all likelyhood, Mitch McConnell and Diane Feinstein will serve our their current terms of office and then the voters of their respective states can choose someone new... Kentucky in 2026 and California in 2024. The chances of McConnell being replaced before 2025 (or 2027) as Republican leader seem slim unless he dies in office first.