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Biden is Becoming Cornered, Or Is He?

President Biden is seemingly being painted into a corner by the Republicans. The House of Representitives is pretending that it wants to impeach him because his son, Hunter, may have violated some laws. Maybe their is some evidence that we haven't seen that as Vice-President, Biden participated in and benefited from some of his sons shenanigans. Maybe there isn't. If there are impeachment hearings, this evidence has to be shown, examinded, and cross-examined. Do the Republicans really want this totally political action sham to be played day after day to the American voters. And to what end?

The Main Problem that the Republicans have with President Biden is that if he is impeached, convicted and removed from office, if he resigns, if he dies or heaven forbid is killed... Kamala Harris becomes president. An angry, vindictive, Black, female Kamala Harris will be President. This would be the worst of all possible worlds for the Republicans. Worse than Barak Obama being President, worse than another full term of Biden.

Perhaps President Biden (who is one of the canniest politicians of all time) is trying to dupe the Republicans into televised hearings before the election that will allow the Republicans to showcase how politically stupid they really are. It seems likely to me that the Presidents defense will shine more brightly and resonate better with the American voters. Then he can go on the attack.

President Biden should take the opportunity to testify before Congress and the American people to explain and show off his accomplishments, especially compared to the Now-Indicted, Former-President Trump. His cabinet officers can testify also in support him on this. The Democrats should leave no stone unturned to make this into political theater because that is truly what the Republicans want.

Of course, if there actually is evidence that the President is guilty as charged...that changes the entire dynamic.