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Hunter Biden Indictment

This week President Biden's son Hunter was indicted on three counts related to the legality of his gun ownership. He wasn't indicted for some alleged financial crimes that Republican's believe that he may have committed related to Ukraine. President Biden, unlike his immediate predecessor, has not been indicted for anything.

Did the Justice Department indict Hunter Biden because the Republicans were claiming there was a political bias in the Justice Department favoring President Biden and his family while actively working against the Indicted, Former-President Trump? Of course. Hunter Biden has been indicted for purely political reasons

Did this satisfy the Republicans ? Of course Not. Neither Biden father nor son were indicted for any financial wrongdoing, involving or not involving Ukraine. The Republicans wanted not merely an indictment... they wanted the book thrown at them.. And of course they didn't merely want them indicted, they wanted them in prison.

Of course, neither the Bidens, nor Trump, nor his co-conspirators can be arbitrarily put in prison. Only Trump's good buddies Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un, and Viktor Orbon do that... and of course Trump is jealous. Here we require trials, with fairness to the accused and fairness to society, evidence, cross-examination, defenses and juries.

The Justice Department and local procescutors, typically, don't take the accused to trial unless the feel not only that the accused is guilty, but also can it be proven to a jury. The don't completely want to waste government money and they don't want losses on their personal records.

The Magabilly Republicans in Congress seem to feel that prosecutors should take everyone, that they (the Magabillies) don't agree with, to trial if there are mere suggestions that they(the accused) may have done something that they (the Magabilly Republicans) deem wrong. Boy was that ever a tough sentence.

Anyone who is brought to trial, at the suggestion of an elected official (other than a prosecutor), without an indictment, and without clear evidence is a victim of the politization of the justice process... That holds true for both Republican and Democrats.

Is there real evidence against Hunter Biden? There appears to be. Is there real evidence against President Biden? There appears not to be. Is there real evidence against Trump? There appears to be.

Justice, real Justice, seems to be moving forward in the manner in which it was intended.