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Preventing the Shutdown

Unless Congress somehow gets its act together in the next week, the Federal Government will shutdown at the end of September. That is just six days from when this missive is being written. And where are the members of the House of Representitives?... They went home for the weekend.

To avert this shutdown, the House must pass legislation to fund federal government spending. The Constitution requires that the House must act first, before the Senate can act.. The House of course is controlled by the Republican Party which in normal times pretends that it is looking out for the best interests of business and wants to limit government while having strong borders and a strong national defense. None of these very important functions of government are funded after September 30. Whose best interests are the looking after?

Even if the House passes funding authorization, the Senate must also pass it. And of course the Senate is controlled by the Democratic Party which pretends it is looking out for the interests of the people who want financial support from the Federal Government while wanting to reign in spending on national defense.

If both of those happen the legislation must be signed by President Biden

At this point in time none of thse things seem likely. In both houses of Congress, both political parties are completely caught up in their own partisanship. Regardless of what the Republican Party members in the House propose, the Democratic Party members will vote against.. Regardless of what Democratic Party members in the Senate propose, the Republican Party Members will vote against.

And to carry this further. No matter what the House passes (if it only includes what the Republican Party members want), the Senate will pass something else. No legislation can be sent to the President without identical legislation is passed in both houses.

Likely to happen.... I think not.

The only possibility right now to prevent a shutdown is for some moderate Republican Party members from both houses and some moderate Democratic Party members from both houses to get together and work out some compromise. There are more moderate members of the House than there are ultra-right-wing members and there are more moderate members of the Senate than there are ultra-left-wing members.

To prevent a shutdown, which will be disasterous to so many Americans, The Normal, Patriotic American members of both houses should stand-up for America and get this job done.