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MAGA Clowns and Destroying the Government

As it turns out circus clowns aren't really funny to grownups. They are truly funny to my five year old grandson, but to me (and most grownups that I know) they are just sad. So it goes with the MAGA Republican Party members of the United States House of Representitives. They are not just clowns, but extremely sad ones. It's too bad, The Republican Party of Ronald Reagan was a pretty good organization that accomplished a lot of good and practiced good government. They weren't clowns, but today's yahoo MAGA Republicans clearly are... and the saddest of the sad to boot.

This has all come about because the Magabilly members of the House aren't interested in a functioning democracy. They certainly aren't interested in everyone getting an opportunity to vote, all votes being counted, and all votes equal. It has been said that the Magabillies (and their leader the soon to be poor, former President Trump) not only aren't believers in democracy or our Constitution, they aren't really populists, and don't really favor a totalitarian system with Trump as the supreme leader. No..the true ideals of MAGA is none of those things. MAGA followers are anarchists. They believe that the best government is no government at all. In MAGALAND every white man carries a gun and shoots those they don't agree with.

MAGA certainly is not really about making America Great Again. It is about returning the Great America of today to pre-Civil War life (for us white folks) . The America of Andrew Jackson. The America where the only book anyone read was the Bible. The America where once kids could read the bible, additional schooling was wasted. The America where real men, real white American men, worked on the line at Ford..and made 75 cents an hour (in 1823?). The only good government is no government. MAGA is really about returning America to 1823 but with the addition of Fox News, Truth Social, F250s and M16s. The America where cigarettes (tobacco), beer, and high-capacity M16 magazines were available in every Walmart.

MAGA followers don't want Trump to be President because he will be a Ronald Reagan style of great President. The already saw him in action for four years. They know that he can't be that kind of President. They want Trump to be President because they believe he can destroy the government.