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Israel vs Hamas and Giving Peace a Chance

The Hamas terrorist attack on Israel last Saturday and the continued firing of missiles into Israel this week have created a huge dilemma for the world. We all want peace, we all want stability, and we all wish for a humanitarian based response from Israel.

These stories always begin in 1948. Before 95% of either any living Jews or Muslims were born. Israel proclaimed its independence from control by the United Kingdom and that it was an independent nation (Just as the United States did in 1776). The surrounding nations Syria, Jordan, Egypt declared that this wasn't an option and that they would use their militaries to prevent this from happening, even if it meant driving all the Jews (and everyone else living in the region) into the Mediterranean Sea. Since it was difficult to tell who was who, they broadcasted that this included any Muslims (Palestinians) who lived there. Many Palestinians heeded the message and fled into lands that were't claimed by Israel. The newly created Israeli Army, having home court advantage and their backs to the sea, prevailed. They not only forced the invading armies out of their territories (thereby asserting their independence) but many remaining Palestinians also fled with the invaders.

Since then, the Israelis claim that when the Palestinians fled (abandoning their properties) at the request of the invading Arab armies relinquished any rights to their former properties. The Palestinians claim that they were forced from their lands by the Israeli Army and that they still owned the lands.

Seventy-five years have past and the issue is still not settled. Many Palestinians live thinking of themselves as temporary refugees in the West Bank area and the Gaza Strip. Most of them have never known life outside their refugee camps, villages and cities. But most of them believe (in their hearts) that their god Allah wants them to return to the lands occupied by the Jews.

Wake up Folks... It ain't gonna happen.

The dilemma is that the Syrians don't want them to become Syrians. The Jordanians don't want them and neither do the Egyptians nor the Lebanese.

And the Palestinians don't seem to want to accept the reality of Israel nor proclaim themselves an independent nation in whatever lands they do control.

As my buddy Mick said "You Can't Always Get What You Want". John Lennon wanted us to "Give Peace a Chance". We did... Israel did didn't work. I hate to say it but maybe we really need to give war a chance.