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Israel - Hamas War - Whats Next

Israel is losing the war right now. Public opinion has turned against it. IMHO they probably didn't attack the al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza. It may have been an errant Islamic Jihad missile as Israel claims, or it may have been targeted by Hamas itself. Hamas doesn't seem to care about civilian Palestinian casualties... their goal is to eliminate the State of Israel... even if it takes million Palestinian deaths. In fact Hamas's standing in the world goes up every time there are Palestinian civilian deaths.

Further, Hamas doesn't care if Iran is destroyed also. If they have to drag Iran, and Saudi Arabia, and Jordan into a war with Israel and the Great Satan (The United States) it serves their purpose and they will do so without regard to the number of Palestinian, Iranian, Saudi Arabian civilian deaths. Their stated goal is the elimination of the State of Israel so that the Palestinians (regardless of how many are left) can have a homeland... free from the Israelis and free from the Great Satan.

They are doing a pretty good job of it right now.

Next week if/when the Israeli Defense Forces launch a ground invasion of Gaza, expect Hamas to destroy more hospitals (in both Gaza and Tel Aviv) and blame Israel air strikes and artillery. It is a great tactic for them. Expect them to blow up Palestinian refugee camps in Gaza.

It was also announced that the United States Navy Destroyer USS Carney has brought down missiles over the Red Sea that were launched from Yemen. I hope that our Navy is intending to consider as hostile and has plans to destroy any missiles launched by anyone (else), from anywhere in the Middle East.

Perhaps it should always be the policy that when a nation, other than those with whom the United States has a mutual defense treaty, launches or allows the launch of a missile toward or near the United State or its military that it can be considered to be a hostile act.