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A New Speaker and Keeping the Government Running

The House of Representitives has elected a new speaker... Magabilly, election denier Mike Johnson from the medical care desert of Louisiana where all White men are armed to the to the few teeth they have left. The Reagan remembering conservatives gave in to Trump, his legion and his legacy. All that I can say, is lets see how that works out for them.

Two questions jump to mind. Will a deal be reached among the House, the Senate and President Biden to keep the government running and funded after mid-November and secondly will the House impeach Biden? If you want to keep the government functioning and believe no to the first and yes to the second so (as I do) why not support Biden doing something for which he will deserve to get impeached.

President Biden should keep the government functioning, paying its bills, and supplying arms to Ukraine and Israel by Executive Order. Presidents have been managing the government using Executive Orders since George Washington was President. The Executive Order most familiar to most Americans was the Emancipation Proclamation issued by President Lincoln in 1862. The constitutionality of it was never adjudicated. President Franklin Roosevelt used it on many occassions when Congress did not act, or refused to act at his direction... khe kind of thing that President Trump talked-big about doing, but never followed through.

Spending funds not specifically authorized by Congress may not pass Constitutional muster. But it would be up to Congress; especially an ineffective, rudderless, House of Representitives, to stop it. The House can ask the Federal Court System to rule on the Constitutionality. That will take time (years) and injunctions may well be ignored by the Executive Branch. The Congress (both houses) can pass veto-proof legislation to force the president to close the Government and not send aid to Israel and Ukraine. (yea.. not likely). Or the House can begin impeachment proceedings (which they are already doing). How well did this work to stop Trump?

As was the case with Trump, a Biden friendly Senate is unlikely to remove him from office. The impeachment of Trump helped his political standing in the Republican Party. An impeachment of Biden (for something actually impeachable) will help him politically with the Democratic Party.