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Who Will Rule Gaza After War

It is kind of obvious that no country is going to stop Israel from destroying Hamas. Israel doesn't seem to care how many civilians it kills to accomplish this. The US and other nations will call for cease fires and truces. Everyone wants to give peace a chance. Israel wants to secure its future, which it can't do with uncontrolled terrorist organizations on its border who deny Israel's right to existence.

This week it was announced that there would be a four hour pause in the destruction every day to allow more Palestinians to refugee toward Southern Gaza. Israel is also asking that hospitals in Gaza City be evacuated south (perhaps they should offer, or other countries should offer, to provide ambulances to accomplish this.

During the other twenty hours each day Israel will maintain the bombardment, the invasion, and the destruction of Hamas. They will flood the tunnels, they will destroy all buildings until Gaza City and all of Northern Gaza is uninhabitable.

Everyone asks what will happen after that. The Israelis have said that they may stick around to provide security for themselves, but they have no interest in governing nor feeding the residents of the Southern Gaza Strip.

President Biden is saying that they shouldn't plan on staying. Wake up and smell the coffee President Joe. The only interest that Israel will have in Gaza is to insure no missiles, no drones, and no incursions into Israel are launched from Gaza. They would love to leave Gaza and leave it in peace.

However, Who will govern, protect and feed Gaza. That Gaza Palestinians certainly haven't been able to take care of themselves. Other Middle Eastern Nations don't want it. Certainly not Egypt (they were happy to get rid of it in 1967). Will the US take on this role...I hope not. Will the United Nations...they should...why else do they exist.

Israel, however, will not withdraw until there is a pledge by whoever wants it, that Israel exists, has a right to exist, and that Gaza residents will honor this. Borders can be negotiated, but should be honored. Only then can there be peace in that area of the world.