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Free Advertising for Elon Musk and X

If there is anyone who does not need free advertising, or anything free it's Elon Musk. He is one of the most successful and wealthiest people in the world. As almost everyone (who cares) knows, he has changed the name of the social-media company that he owns from Twitter to X.

Yet to this day when the Soon to be Convicted Former President Donald Trump or anyone else posts a message on X the news media that covers this has to point out that X was formerly Twitter. Over and Over again.

Enough Already... The media can cover the UAW strike against The Big Three US automakers without pointing out (everytime) that Stellantis used to be Chrysler, or Fiat-Chrysler. The Beatles used to be The QuarryMen... Hell the stopped being The Beatles over 50 years ago, and no one every said that they were the band formerly known as The QuarryMen.

Things change, companies change their names. It may be newsworthy once, but not every time. If something is posted on X, just say that. It doesn't have to be pointed out what it used be named or for that matter who owns it. Musk doesn't need the free publicity.

Here I am doing what I criticize the media for doing.