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Twenty-Second Amendment Also Nullified by Trump

Soon to be convicted ex-president Donald Trump is appealing to the United States Supreme Court the Colorado State Supreme Court ruling that Trump's name can not appear on any Colorado ballots for President. This includes the upcoming Republican Party primary ballot. Trump's name is being eliminated because the state court has ruled that Trump violated the Fourteenth Amendment by engaging in an insurrection against the United States

Trump's legal team is arguing that placing his name on the ballot is not the same as electing him or allowing him to serve. The Fourteenth Amendment does not say that a participant in an insurrection cannot be named on a ballot, or even that such a person cannot be elected to a federal office. It says that such a person cannot serve in the United States government. Trump's legal team may not even be arguing that Trump did not engage in an insurrection.

It is similar with the Twenty-Second Amendment which says that regarding term-limiations a President cannot be elected for a third term. It does not say that such a person cannot run for the office nor that his name could not appear on a ballot.

Because this issue has not been explained better in the particular ammendments and the Supreme Court has not clarfied the clauses (which, hopefully, it is being asked to do in this case). These two amendments may well say that not only may Trumps's name be on the ballot, but that he will be able to recieve the majority of votes in a majority of states and hence become elected (Elected but not able to serve will that work?).

If Trump's name can appear on the ballot in Colorado in 2024 and he is re-elected then it follows that same rules apply to the Twenty-Second Amendment and that either Trump or President Biden (whoever wins in 2024) could seek a third term in 2028.

If Trump's name can appear on the ballot im 2024 and possibly 2028, and Joe Biden in 2028 and that candidate receives sufficient votes it will be up to the then Vice-President to certify the election results or not. This is just what Trump asked Vice-President Mike Pence to nullify on January 6, 2021.

As a final check, if the Vice-President does certify the election... the Chief Justice then must refuse to swear-in that candidate (Like that is going to happen).

It is not just 2024 that is at stake. As many pundits have written ... All future elections are in jeopardy. Both the Fourteenth and the Twenty-Second Amendments are in jeopardy of being effectively nullified by the court.

Based upon these arguments that will be presented by Trump's law team, the Supreme Court should rule that if Trump engaged in an insurrection then his name should not appear on the Colorado ballot. Otherwise they need to carry through with their decision to explain how Trump will be prevented from being elected and serving as President in 2024.

For clarification those who aren't eligible to serve as President cannot have their names appear on ballots. In Colorado, and in all states. But for lack of clarification, is the Supreme Court even being asked to rule wheather Trump engaged in an insurrection. That may be an issue for a later day in court