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Israel Committing Genocide - Really?

So South Africa is complaining to the United Nations and the International Court of Justice that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. I think it might actually be the other way around.... If we are considering the issue of genocide - then lets consider who is trying to destoy who. Israel of course has the firepower. It could destroy Gaza or the West Bank or kill all of the people who claim to be Palestinian living in the region. That is not its intention. Hamas on the other hand does not have the miltary capability to kill all of the Jews living in the middle east... but is not killing all of the Jews living in the region their goal.

Hamas' attack on Israel in October was a lot closer to the definition of genocide than has been Israel's response. Hamas is trying to destroy Israel - a nation, a people. Israel is trying to destroy Hamas - a political organization.

Has Israel's response been disproportional? That could be argued. Have many residents of Gaza, who were not supporters of Hamas, been killed or have had their property destroyed? Of course. But genocide ... really.

In reality, whether this is genocide or a disproportional response - what can the United Nations do. Are they going to send in troops from Myanmar, or Rwanda to enforce their ruling. Yea... good luck. As long as the United States is backing Israel... Israel can do what it wants.

This war is proving once again that the United Nations is powerless to prevent war and maintain peace among modern developed nations. It might be able to send the blue helmets into Montenegro or Chad... but Israel and Gaza... I think not. How about Ukraine and Russia... No again.

Israel has tried for decades to live in relative peace with the residents of the West Bank and Gaza and it hasn't worked. Maybe, all that I am saying is give war a chance. It has settled issues like this for thousands of years.