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Carroll vs Trump Verdict and Appeal

The Soon-to-be-Convicted, Ex-President Donald Trump lost his New York civil action taken by E. Jean Carroll (months ago) and has been ordered to pay her damages in the amount of over $83 million.

Do you think he will try to delay this through the appeal process. Duh! Of course he will. He can certainly delay the process... But can he delay the payment that he has been ordered to pay?

The appeals process for civil litigation in the State of New York allows the court to demand that the judgement amount be paid (in full) to the State and placed (by the state) into an escrow pending the outcome of the appeals process. This is called Undertaking... see the New York Courts Website.

The losing defendant in a civil action cannot say that they won't pay the fine because they can't afford it. If an Undertaking is required by the state, the state can require payments and/or seize assets if it is not paid.

Boy is the shit going to hit the fan when this happens.

Clearly Carroll didn't do this for the money... But her attorneys sure did. If their rate is 1/3 of the damages ordered...Thats going to be over $26 million that Carroll owes them when she collects. Are they going to be nice and patient (like an impartial court tries to be), or are they going to be angry assholes. Count on the later.

This is going to be a three-way battle-Royale among Trump and his attornies, Carroll's attorneys and the New York court system. Bet I can guess which side the courts will be on. They don't have to be impartial and Trump is no longer a resident of New York State. After the trial is over and Trump refuses to recognize the court's actions... how about a big-fat-lein on Trump tower.

Trump may well try to stiff is own attorneys at this point. Good Luck there.He has had to settle for second-tier attorneys recently because he wouldn't follow advice of the first-tier firms. Now he will be forced to seek the ambulance chasers for representation.

I am so looking forward to it. No gag orders. It can all play out in the press and on the oxymoronic Truth Social (as long as Trump still owns it).