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Candidate Trump's Vice-Presidential Selection

Major media pundits are beginning to speculate upon who will be the Soon-to-be-Convicted, Former-President Donald Trump's selection for vice-president. Many are speculating some leading Kool-Aide Drinkers such as Elise Stefanik, Kari Lake, or J.D. Vance. These are clearly inside-the-box candidates. Will any of these politicians bring additional votes to Trump? No.

Traditionally, Vice-Presidential candidates are selected to be able to balance the ticket or bring additional votes. Trump needs neither. Everyone who will vote for Trump will vote for him regardless of the the Vice-Presidential candidate.There is not a politician out there who will bring additional votes to the Trump campaign. Trump will bring all of the votes.

That really changes the selection dynamic.

IMHO, Trump will select the Vice-Presidential candidate who will bring the most long-term benefit to Trump and his brand. Based upon this criteria there are only a few possible candidates. The one thing that they all have in common is that their last name is Trump.

Trump's Vice-Presidential running-mate will be Donald J. Trump Jr. (aka Sonny). Think about it. It makes perfect sense. He won't even have to take time out from running the Trump Organization.No duties and no learning process necessary... Just 100% loyalty to the Trump brand. I can just picture him standing up there with his M16 and Wayne LaPierre by his side. I can picture them with bandoliers and 7.62 mm amunition across their chests. Maybe camo shirts and fatigue pants. Better than the wise-guy suits that Sonny wore in the movie. Vive la MAGA!

Let's make additional perfect sense. If Trump is elected president and a Republican majority is established in the House of Representitives the Speaker-of-the-House will be Eric Trump (aka Fredo)... Mark my words. And, waiting in the wings will be Ivanka (aka Michael). Can't you just picture it