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A Poor Choice versus a Terrible Choice

When it comes down to it, the choice between President Biden and the Soon-to-be Convicted, Former-President Trump is not a Hobson's Choice. A Hobson's Choice is having to select between two equally poor choices (eg. The devil or the deep blue sea).

This year the choice for President is truly a poor choice against a terrible choice... Biden or Trump. This should be a no-brainer for intelligent American voters.

Sure Biden can be considered a poor choice. Actually since Biden is in his mid-eighties we might consider the choice to be Biden-Harris. So lets consider his shortcomings:

  • The report by Special Prosecutor Robert Hur this week said that Biden's memory has significant limitations. OK, accepted... he forgets some names, dates, a countries (eg. which country's president is Abdel El-Sisi?). However he still has an excellent grasp of situations and he can be reminded by aides when he commits a gaffe.
  • It is claimed that inflation is out-of-control because of the Rebuild America Act. Wrong folks..inflation is under control and less than 4%. It was out-of-control as a result of all of the dollars pumped into the economy during Covid by Trump (which was a good thing at the time). Hardly any money from the Rebuild America Act have even been spent. True... prices aren't coming down (other than fuel and commodities), but historically they never come down after periods of inflation... get used to it.
  • Thousands of migrants are surging across the border and the situation is out-of-control, the Border Patrol is overwhelmed as are immigration courts. Of course following Trump's suggestion Congress is doing absolutely nothing to provide additional laws or funding to relieve the situation.
  • The right claims that Kamala Harris is not competent to be President.. Our course they would she's a she and appears to be African-American. That's three strikes right there (by their count). What has she said, what has she done to indicate that she is less than ideally suited to be President at some point?
Trump on the other hand...
  • Is a liar as has been proven time and time again. Now he is saying that events of January 6 2003 were actually an insurection but were directed by Nancy Pelosi.
  • Acts like a crook and will be convicted soon. He is doing everything in his power to delay trials because he is aware enough of reality to see conviction on the horizon. He has lost at least two civil lawsuits and has been ordered to pay close to $100 million dollars in penalties.
  • Doesn't truly believe in democratic principles or The Constitution and is unwilling to accept the results of the 2022 election or that Presidents are not above the law.
  • Is a misogynist who feels he is entitled to assault women without repercussions. He denies that he knew E. Jean Carroll as was proven otherwise in court, and he paid hush-money to keep Stormy Daniels out of the courtroom.
  • Doesn't have a plan to fix and problems other that to enrich himself and to receive praise press from Fox News
  • May well nominate his son to be his Vice-Presidential running mate. And you think Kamala Harris is unqualified
Of course, those who have tasted the Trump/Fox News Kool-Aide really seem to like it.

Wake up folks... while President Biden isn't an ideal candidate for President he is by leaps-and-bounds better qualified then Trump and has time-and-again proven himself to be a better President than Trump was from 2017-2023.