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What Happened to Conservatives

Ronald Reagan was the most recent great Conservative, great Republican president. He stood for, he worked for what Conservatives had believed in for many years... a federal government (state and local governments also) that was less intrusive in our lives. He believed in spreading the American Way to people around the world and he believed in defending freedom where ever it was at risk. He believed that free trade made free societies prosperous.I used to be proud to call myself a Republican. No Longer.

Donald Trump, the Maga Movement and most Republican Party politicians don't seem to believe in what Ronald Reagan believed in...Sad. They believe (or profess to believe) in the Maga book of Donald Trump. Whatever Donald Trump says is what they believe.

They clearly don't believe in a strong border policy. They only believe in building a wall and sending back (to where?) everyone who crosses illegally or whose parents crossed illegally. They are blocking any legislation on border policy.

They believe that the government has the right to intrude into the lives of pregnent women and force them to give birth regardless of the circumstances.

They want low inflation and don't have a clue that the high tarriffs that they insist upon will create outrageous inflation.

They think America was great when all homosexual people remained in the closet.

They think America was great when white people of European descent were an absolute majority everywhere.

They think America was great when we drove 1963 Chevys and all NFL quarterbacks were white.

They think Putin runs a country they way that America should be run.

They don't want to help Ukraine and they have no sympathy for Palestinians.

And stupidly enough, they believe Donald Trump..

I just don't get it.