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A Choice, Not an Echo

One of the first great conservatives, Barry Goldwater used the phrase "I Offer a Choice, not an echo" as his slogan when he ran for President in 2964 (60 years ago). A few of us remember that campaign.

In the sixty years that have passed much of the conservative oriented media outlets (think Fox New) now offer an "Echo not a choice". They offer a continual echo of the spewings of the Soon-to-be-convicted, former President, and Republican Crime-Boss Donald Trump. No choice from them at all.

This comes to mind because this morning's Washington Post (which the echoing Republicans accuse of being the purveyors of the liberal echo) offers a refreshing choice.On their Opinions page are two excellent opinion pieces reflecting exactly the opposite opinion of two very smart and politically savvy journalists (and I say journalist in only the most flattering manner of old-fashioned journalism.

George Will opines that President Biden may be making a political blunder. Without exactly saying it... his point is that Kamala Harris is unfit to be Vice-President and to be only a lack-of-a-brainwave from being President of the United States. He talks about how President Franklin D. Roosevelt replaced Henry Wallace with Harry Truman when he ran for President in 1944. Truman was extremely qualified to be President. Wallace as a Stalin and Russian appologist was not. When FDR died shortly after the 1944 inauguration, Truman became an excellent President.

Following this well-written and well-thought out piece, Jennifer Rubin, who is one of the Post's best and most thoughtful staff opinion writer, writes that Kamala Harris is an underrated asset. She points out that two-years ago Vice-President Harris seemed overwhelmed dealing with foreign policy issues. During this past week at the Munich Security Conference she handled the suspicious death of Alexi Navalny with aplomb, properly blaming Putin. She is also the forefront of the administration in going after Trump, abortion.

It is very refreshing that good journalism can thrive and give us thought provoking opinions for and against both sides of issues. No wonder the right lives in fear of both a balanced press (a choice, not an echo), and a Harris presidency.