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Will Conservative States Leave the United States

The conservative press, lead by FoxNews, have had several stories recently about how the residents of states who are fed-up with the policies of the federal governments should put together plans for seccession. The thought is that these Red states could somehow secceed from the United States and form a new more Christian, White government with a solid border to keep out non-white immigrants. Even better... Florida could keep Cape Canaveral; Texas the Johnson Space Center, Fort Cavazos (and change it back to Fort Hood). Tennessee could keep Oak Ridge, and Virginia the Norfolk Navy Yard and all of the US Navy ships based there.

Some of the more liberal press are also urging the more liberal leaning Blue states to do the same, creating a nation of universal wealth transfer that will truly make all people equal. California could keep Yosemite, Washington the Grand Coulee Dam, and New York the Federal Reserve Bank. etc. etc.

How did that idea work out for Georgia and South Carolina in 1865? Why would anyone believe that it would work out differently now?

Alabama could not leave the Union now, anymore than it could in 1962. There is no provision in the United States Constitution for a state to leave the Union. The voters of Alabama could vote 100 to 1 to leave the Union, but Alabama would still be a state. The Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway would still be owned and operated by the US Corps of Engineers. The Marshall Space Flight Center would still belong to NASA and the Army Missile Command would still belong to the United States Army.

There are only two ways for a State to leave the Union... by war as the Southern States tried in 1962 or by Constitutional Amendment.

War didn't work in the 1860s, and if you think the soldiers at Fort Cavazos, aircrews at McDill Air Force Base or sailors at Norfolk (who come from all 50 states) will defy their oaths to the Constitution and fight for Texas, Florida or Virginia against the United States you probably believe that that the 2020 election was rigged. A few may turncoat, but they will be rounded up and shot in rapid fashion.

So... the only legal, peaceful way for the dis-establishment of the United States of America (as we know of it today) or for the seccsssion of any states from the United States and including transfer for United States property to states is through a Constitutional Amendment.

A new amendment to the United States Constitution will require either a two-thirds (plus one) vote of each house of Congress or at a special Constitutional Convention a two-thirds (plus one) vote of the individual states. Additionally, it must be approved by the legislatures of three-fourths (38 states). The Founding Fathers appropriately made it difficult to amend the Constitution. It has only happened 17 times since the Bill of Rights were adopted in 1789. Its not going to happen for a breakup of the Union anymore than one would be adopted to repeal the Second Amendment.

The United States of America has 50 states. In 2028 it will still have 50.