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More Crazy Ideas

This week two crazy ideas from influential Americans show that there is no end sight. Soon-to-be-convicted former-President Donald Trump isn't even at the top of the list with craziness this week.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer tops the list for suggesting (out-loud) that the Israeli people are clearly not behind Prime Minister Netanyahu's leadership during the Gaza War and that Israel should hold new elections. Imagine if a leader of Canada (one of our closest allies) suggested that since President Biden's popularity is at a very low level, the United States should have a special election. Foreigners should stay the hell out of our poltics and we have a Constitution (which we tend to follow) which has no provision for special presidential elections. The same holds true for Israel, as Netanyahu stated...they are not some Banana Republic ... they have a Constitutionally based government.

The comments are even crazier because Schumer believes that the vast majority of Israelis are horrified by alleged atrocities committed by Israel Defence Forces against innocent Palestinians. On the contrary, the majority of Israelis feel that not only are IDF actions justified, they feel that Israel should continue to destroy Gaza and kill its residents until Hamas surrenders.

The other idea being spread involves Russian President Vladimir Putin running for re-election. Various US based pundits are claiming that Putin should not be allowed to run again because Russia has term limits and We should do something. As with the first craziness above... this is strictly Russian business and not that of the United States nor any other country. And what hell should we do... Nuke em? Perhaps we could sue Putin in the Russian Justice System.

It's not Fair... Mom. The Israelis get to have Netanyahu as president, The Russian's Putin. Since our elections are rigged why can't we just let Trump be Prsident. Thats what Vladimir Putin and Sean Hannity want. You should do something, Mom.