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UN Security Coucil Cease-Fire Resolution

Earlier this week the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution demanding a cease fire in Gaza and the return of all hostages. The United States could have vetoed this resolution (as they had pledge to do earlier) but ended up abstaining. In the past the US has always supported Israel in its rights to self protection. Our relationship with Israel has now changed. I like to think of Prsident Biden as being close to the center of the road politically but here he has caved in to the demands of the more liberal party followers. I question his political judgment on this.

Of course the UN can throw its weight around in New York and demand a cessation of fighting and destruction. Israel is a member of the UN and it faces sanctions. Big Deal....

We now have a feel-good action by the Security Council which will appease some (including some very liberal Democrats) , but will have little actual effect. The only way for this action to create any change in the status-quo is if the UN sends in troops to separate Israel Defense Forces from Hamas. Good luck getting that to happen. I can just imagine the Army of Chad or Sri Lanka trying to imposes its will on Israel Defense Forces. The can't and they won't. The UN can feel good but it can't do anything to actually stop the war.

President Biden can further alienate the more center-leaning Democrats (like myself) and pander to the ultra-left by halting or reducing military aide to Israel. He could just about say Welcome to the White House President Trump if he takes that step.

But, this is about the United Nations ability to create Peace in the Middle East and not about President Biden's political wisdom. The UN Security Council can pass all of the cease-fire demands suggested by other nations.... but it can't do anything to enforce them. Even if they could and the fighting, the destruction, and the killing stopped... it would be only temporary. Temporary until the next problem comes up. It doesn't solve any of the problems between Israel, the residents of Gaza and the West Bank, Hamas or Hezbollah. It only pushes them off into the future.

Stand back, please, and let Israel and Hamas and the residents of Gaza settle this. It is truly the best thing for all parties involved in the long-run.