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Civilized Nations Condemn Israeli Genocide

This Western Civilized Nations of the world (especially as reported in the liberal press) are now beginning to condemn Israeli killing and destruction in Gaza and make accusations of violations of International Law. This week's incident which involved drone strikes that killed aide workers from World Central Kitchen seems to be the straw that has broken the camel's back.

But So What- Israel is using its defense forces in the manner and within the scope for which they were created. In the words of the late Rush Limbaugh, who I usually disagreed with, Militaries are intended for two purposes - breaking things and hurting people. Of course, they have, in recent years, also been used for intimidation. Hamas and Hezbollah, who are the de-facto leaders and spokesmen of the so-called Palestinian People, are no longer intimidated by the Israeli Defense Forces.

The outcry is that Israel is breaking International Law by recklessly targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure in its war in Gaza. What International Law are they talking about? International Law is supposedly an agreement among nations for the conduct of war.Israel is clearly a nation but Gaza is not. The Hamas organization is not a nation. No Western Civilized Nation recognizes Hamas as a nation, and none recognize Gaza as a nation. It is a stateless territory.Neither Hamas nor any resident of Gaza has any rights under any International Law.

Even if Israel was in violation of International Law what are the Western Civilized Nations going to do about it.... Not much they can do except complain. The United Nations can send in a peace-keeping force as they have many times in many places. Historically, these have been effective in maintaining some kind of peace in the short term. No United Nations forces or actions have ever been successful in creating a lasting peace.

Israel faces an existential threat from both Hamas and Hezbollah. Both groups threaten to destroy Israel and force the Israelis out of that territory. As long as this threat continues there can be no lasting peace in the region. As long as that threat continutes Israel will feel the obligation to destroy Hamas and Hezbollah using all of the military might that they can muster. Civilians will continue to be killed and civilian infrastructure will continue to be destroyed.

The choice really is up to the Palestinian people living in Gaza. They can rebel against Hamas and create a new leadership which will want peace with Israel, they can continue trying to destroy Israel , or they can accept (and the rest of the world will have to accept) that none of the current residents of Gaza will continue to live in Gaza.