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Israel Demonstrates Air Power

Well, I sort of got it wrong last week regarding Iran's retaliation to Israel's attack on the Iranian Consulate in Damascus Syria. I didn't think Iran would send as much weaponry as it did to be shot down by Israeli Defense Forces, the US, the UK, France and some Middle-Eastern Nations. Perhaps they thought that their attacking drones and missiles were invincible. They discovered otherwise.

The Israeli leadership realized however that, however feeble, this was an attack that demanded a further response. As Israel realized that this wasn't an all-out attack and didn't target population centers, they decided to respond with a showing that whereas Iranian air-weapons will be effectively destroyed by Israeli forces, the reverse isn't true.

.Last night Israel send a few weapons toward the Iranian air-defense installations near the nuclear weapons development center at Isfahan. The Israeli attack, apparently, wasn't intended to damage Iranian military assets, it was only to show that Iranian air-defenses could be penetrated by Israeli weaponry. It was likely successful.

When the results are fully known, they will probably show that Iran can only talk-the-talk about a major conflict with Israel. Israel showed that they can still attack Iranian territory with impunity.

Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon and the Iranian Republican Guard supporting them need to undestand the implications. Israel can attack inside Lebanon at its will, and it will. If Iran leaves its troops and equipment in place, inside Lebabon, Israel may well destroy them. There is not much the Ali Kahamenei and the Mullahs can do without risking Israeli full-scale arial attacks.

Lasting peace in Gaza depends on Israel defeating both Hamas and hezbollah.