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Is Democracy too difficult for Americans in 2024?

You know... when it comes down to it, Soon-to-be-convicted Former President Donald Trump does not appear to believe in, In his heart-of-hearts, either the United States Constitution or the ideals of Democracy that it creates. In every action, Trump shows to me that if he is again President, he will ignore the Constitution, pretty-much ignore Congress and totally ignore the Supreme Court. In many matters he believes in the right of a President (himself of course) to be a dictator, or perhaps King. He seems to believe that it is not only his devine right but that it can only be denied to him through illegal actions.

In our hearts-of-hearts, virtually every other American understands this; and because of this understanding either loves or hates Trump.

As much as I and most of those opposed to Trump want to believe otherwise, no one is being hood-winked into supporting Trump. Every MAGAbilly Republican - Trump supporter understands Trump's intentions and is ok with this.

Let's be clear... most Trump supporters understand that Trump is politically more in line with Vladimir Putin than with Ronald Reagan.

Let's face it... having a constitutional democracy is difficult work for everyone. It is especially hard work for those who are eligible to vote. We know that we should care a lot more about issues than the do... We know that we should read the voters guides sent out before each election. We know that we should be well-informed on many issues. We know that we should be more aware of what individual candidates stand for. It is difficult work and not necessarily enjoyable.

The major question facing voters this November is do we want continue working hard as citizens... maintaining a Constitutional Democracy or are we desiring a change. Do we instead want an authoritarian system where the leader makes the rules and the citizens just have to follow them, and do so without thought or question. That is the system Russia, Hungary, and Turkey have. We can have it too.

The rest of us, those who are not gung-ho MAGAbilly Republicans need to understand this also. A vote for Trump is a vote against our Constitutional Democracy.

President Biden certainly has shortcomings as a leader and as a President. But one thing is for sure, he is 100% in favor of our Constitutional Democratic ideals that actually made the country great, and have kept this country great, for close to 250 years.