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What Trump offers America

There really must be a lot of people who are unhappy with where the United States of America is right now and where we are headed with the current Biden administration leading. How can that be ? Given, prices at the supermarkets are higher than they were when Trump was president... other than that what is the issue?

If the issues are the things I see written in the press. t There is nothing that Trump can do to change them without the help of a completely MAGAbilly Congress... that is if he continues as a do-nothing president that he was during his first term. The only thing that he can do to accomplish what he claims to want to accomplish is for him to become a Putin style authoritarian president and ignore the Constitution.

Ignoring the Constitution will essentially dissolve this great Constitutional Democracy created by the Founding Fathers - Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Washington, Monroe, Hamilton and the rest. Make America Great Again will actually become Make America More like Hungary... For the First Time

  • Trump can't stop prices from rising without ignoring Congress and the Supreme Court.
  • Trump can't close the borders without finishing the wall and deploying the US Army to enforce it
  • Trump can't deport those already in the country without another 100000 agents to track down the undocumented and then create concentration camps to house millions
  • Trump can't deport those millions rounded-up because no countries will take those affected... They don't want the people we don't want
  • Trump can't stop drugs from Mexico and China without a closed border or an invasion of Mexico
  • Trump can't stop drug addiction without huge spending on mental rehabliliation
  • Trump can't stop racism as it exists today, nor does he want to.
  • Trump doesn't want equal opportunities for all Americans
  • Trump can't create new American manufacturing jobs without creating a controlled economy
  • Trump can't accomplish what he says he wants.
I can't believe that a majority of American voters will cast ballots for Trump. God help us if we do.