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Trump Convicted on All Counts...what this means

This week Former-President Donald Trump became Convicted-Felon, Former-President Donald Trump . Finally! We can now say that he is a crook ... without fear of slandering him (like I was worried)

Finally, after eight or nine years, there are zero voters who don't know one of two things.... either Donald Trump is a crook and doesn't deserve to be president, or President Biden is currently not only at the top of his game but one of the smartest people on the planet since he was able to subvert the justice system and get Trump convicted without it being discovered by the mainstream press, the Justice Department, nor the military... Quite an accomplishment, and if that is true he is certainly cognent enough to remain as president. If you are a Trump supporter and can't accept one or the other above... you are clearly not very bright... that is where the term Magabilly comes from.

If you truly believe that President Biden was clever enough to convict Trump, then you can't say he is a doddering old fool. Think about about what you say... your words not only convey meaning, but convey a sense of your intellect.

You might not agree with what he is accomplishing politically or plans to accomplish... but if President Biden really engineered Trump's conviction then he is clearly one clever guy

This post is shorter than normal and late because I am away from home this weekend.