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How Bidens and the Democrats Lose

Three main political ideas and attitudes stand in the way of President Biden being re-elected. His Age isn't the main issue. Electric cars, DEI and the attitudes of pompus liberals are the culprits. As long as President Biden panders to the left, he doesn't appear to be running from the center. Running from the center is the winning ticket.

Middle-of-the-road Americans are against the Liberals constant promotion that to save the earth we need to drive electric cars (when we don't use transit) and get rid of all fossil-fuel (including natural gas) burning devices in our homes. In fact, this scares the crap out of us in the middle. We understand that our electic grid is already stretched to the limit and we know that the tech industry is building new, huge electric-power-hungry data centers to feed our demand for AI. But we also realize that the left is doing everything in it's power to prevent the building of new electric generating facilities and power distribution systems. We are smart enough to understand that a legislative switch away from gasoline powered cars and natural gas appliances will create havoc in our lives and in our economy. President Biden, and other Democratic Party candidates attempts to legislate our economy away from gasoline powered cars and natural gas appliances will doom their political existence.

Secondly, Middle-of-the-Road America never supported the 1970's idea of Affirmative Action. The version for the 2020's is called DEI... diversity, equity and inclusion. It is again an attempt to allow less qualified people get jobs ahead of more qualified candidates because they feel that diversity, equity and inclusion is more important that qualifications. It is viewed that liberals use the term DEI to mean black people (or as they like to say "people of color"). This idea flopped politically in the 1970s and it is failing now. Successful organizations hire successful, well-qualified, smart candidates. If that means "people of color" don't get some of these jobs, perhaps it means black people need to become more qualfied for the job market. In fact, other "people-of-color", Hispanics and Asians have been very successful in our job market because they understand the need for qualifications. Politicans who support DEI are fighting a losing battle.

Thirdly, Middle-of-the-Road Americans hate the idea of people flaunting self-selected sexual identity. When people (typically liberal) are "in your face" with sexual identity pronouns they appear pompous. Pandering these people is the third kiss of death for Democratic Party political candidates.

If the Democratic Party and President Biden want to win the upcoming election, they need to attract the majority of Americans who reject both the far-right-wing ideas of the MAGAbillies, and the far-left-wing ideas of the pompous liberals. Lets move America to the middle.