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The Presidential Debate - And What It Shows

This week President Biden squared off with Convicted-Felon Former-President Trump in a debate hosted by CNN. I confess, I didn't watch it... I suspected that it would be too painful. After reading the reviews of others, I made the correct choice.

As if to confirm our worst fears, President Biden came across as a doddering old man, not equiped mentally nor physically for four more years as President. Trump came across as a liar, just as expected.

So here is the dilemma, in the greatest experiment in democracy that the world has ever seen. Both major political parties are intending to nominate for president old men who are unfit for office. What on earth has gone wrong with our system.

The main thing that has gone wrong is that the founding fathers did not anticipate not only the rise of political parties, but how they would build their anti-democratic strength to choke out democracy.

It is easy to say lets start a new party...It is much tougher to do. I hasn't happened since President Lincoln announced that he was running as a Republican in 1864... with the novel plan to save the republic. Do the math, that was 160 years ago. A new party isn't the solution in 2024.

Trump clearly controls the Republican Party with his MAGABILLIES. That isn't going to change in the next few months, especially since they can smell victory.

Democratic Party members of the House of Representitives (219) and those nineteen Democratic Party Senators who are up for re-election must now live in fear of the livelyhood. Any and all of them may get voted out of office because they can't count on President Biden to help them. They may well hope that he stays out of their districts... that doddering old fool.

These are the 238 people who can change the outcome of the next election and their own political futures. Currently, they are the national Democratic Party.If they want to save their careers, their party, their great nation they must now rise to the occassion

They must come together as one to:

  • Convince President Biden and Vice-President Harris to drop-out of the race
  • Accept that Vice-President Harris was nominated for her office for reasons of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and not for what she could do to defeat Trump.
  • If they can't convice Biden to drop out, they must have the courage to depose his candidacy
  • Select someone to become the Democratic Party candidate who can actually defeat Trump.
  • This someone must be from the political center, not someone who will immediately be described as a left-wing wacko. That eliminates Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the Squad.
  • This must be someone with broad national appeal... Someone who can appeal to the Red State voters.
  • It might be Joe Manchin, Gretchen Whitmer, Tim Kaine, Mark Kelly or Amy Klobuchar. It may well be someone else.
  • They must come together in unwavering support for this candidate.
The future of our Democracy depends upon this.