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Suppose Trump is Elected - What Then

Left-leaning opinion writers have hammered us for over a year that the election of Convicted-Felon, Past-President Donald Trump will bring about the end of our Constitutional Democracy. Trump will certainly change many things, but the end of our Constitution, get real. Here are some things that Trump can't or won't change.

  • He won't be able to jail his political opponents. Even a partisan Supreme Court won't let him suspend due process. No Attorney General would follow directives to do so.
  • He won't put 100% tariffs on all Chinese manufactured products. Even his dumbest economic advisors will point out that this would create massive retaliation and inflation.
  • He won't withdraw the United States from NATO. The leaders of the military, and the military industrial complex will never support this. He will maintain defense spending and the pork infested waste of money that this creates.
  • He won't stop the production of hybrid and electric vehicles. There are too many jobs dependent upon this manufacturing sector.
  • He won't be able to dismantle, what he calls the Deep State, which he believes to be a cabal of government employees who work to sabotage his efforts and which probably doesn't exist. Years of legislation have created all kinds of civil service protection for government employees which he can't eliminate be executive order.
  • He can't end the Ukraine-Russia War. He may be able to negotiate some sort of temporary cease-fire. The war will only end when Putin lets it end, or the US and Nato stop Russian attacks. Putin's desire to accumulate more territory into Mother Russia knows no bounds. Putin may agree to end the war, but he won't actually end it as long as he has troops and bullets.
Here are things Trump can change that Biden won't do.
  • He should finish building the wall along the Mexico border. President Biden's immigration policies have failed. Trump should finish the wall and create greater controls along both the Canadian and Mexican borders as well as our oceanside frontier. That will mean spending more money and hiring more border agents.
  • He will probably get the Senate to go along with ending NAFTA--- The North American Free Trade Agreement. Currently trucks and trains can enter the U.S. from Mexico without inspection, allowing almost free entry for migrants
  • He should create an asylum camp at Guantanamo Bay for all of those seeking asylum in the United States who haven't gone through the established legal process. Move them there, process them equitably and rapidly, and either bring them to the United States or send them home. Here again he is going to have to spend a whole lot of money to accomplish this.
  • He may be able to get Congressional authority to eliminate the Dept of Education. Here is an agency that has little or no authority to do anything. Our educational system is administered by the individual states and has little need for a federal bureaucracy.
Trump's election won't be all bad for the USA and Democracy. Some good may come out of it.