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Why Republicans - Lost by Josh Hawley

An Op-Ed missive by Missouri Republican senator Josh Hawley appeared in the Washington Post this week. It is titled The GOP is dead. A new GOP must listen to working people. This gives me the thought that this intellectually giant senator must be planning to run for President.

He states...Here it comes...Wait for it...Republicans will only secure the generational victories they crave when they come to terms with this reality: They must persuade a critical mass of working class voters that the GOP truly represents their interests and protects their culture. The red wave didn’t land in part because voters who cast a ballot for Barack Obama and later supported Donald Trump — voters who likely disapprove of Joe Biden and the Democrats’ agenda — chose to stay home.

Read that again. The missing working class, that the Republicans need to attract, voted for both Barak Obama and Donald Trump. Yea Right. By my count there were six of 'em who supported both former President Obama and the soon-to-be indicted former President Trump. Good luck going after them Josh.

Josh graduated from Stanford with highest honors and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. He later received a J.D. from Yale Law School... Hard to imagine how low their standards have sunk. He does, however, come from Springdale, Arkansas; home to those other great thinkers ... The Duggars. Maybe he was the twentieth kid but he couldn't take the intellectual competition from his other brother Josh.

I can't wait to hear the stump speech saying he wants to follow in the footsteps of the two greatest Presidents in recent memory... Barak Obama and Donald Trump. Anyone who supported one and not the other (332 million minus 6) would laugh out loud.