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A Well Regulated Militia - Redux

Once again there have been mass shootings in the United States. This time in Colorado (again) and Virginia (again). Once again, as always, our prayers have gone out to the victims and their families and nothing else. Nothing Else...and we still claim to be a great nation. If we truly want to make America Great or keep America Great we absolutely need to do something about gun violence. Does anyone left, right or center disagree with these sentiments? Yet we do nothing... our President does nothing, our Governors do nothing, and our elected representitives do nothing.

I ask you to read the Second Amendment: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.. Everyone reads the last part, nobody reads the first... the most important part.

The reason that we have the right to bear arms is that the Founding Fathers realized the need for a well regulated militia created by the people (as opposed to being part of the federal government as is the National Guard) In this context the states are the people. It is within the right of individual states to regulate these militias to insure the security of the state (against gun violence) , to determine membership, and to regulate what members may possess in terms of weaponry. There is no constitutional "right to bear arms" except within the constraints of well regulated State militias.

There is historical prescedent. During the Civil War most soldiers (on both sides) were organized into regiments by the states (eg the 10th Maine regiment gained fame at Little Big Top during the Battle of Gettysburg). This was supplimentary to the federal United States Army.

Most states already have a state militia in addition to and separate from National Guard units. I live in Washington and it does. It is called the Washington State Guard.Wikipedia Article Link Here are links to excerpts from state laws. (RCW is the Revised Code of Washington)---Composition of the Militia - RCW 38.04.030 and Composition of the Organized Militia - RCW 38.04.040.

Ok Fine...Nice civics and history lesson. Where does this lead us. A well-regulated Washington State Guard can and should regulate firearm ownership. The State Guard should be authorized by state law to:

  1. Require all gun owners and possessors in the state (including non-residents and law enforcement) to be members
  2. Require all members (including non-resident temporary members) to register their firearms (owned or possessed) with the state.
  3. Require all resident members to attend gun safety and responsible gun ownership classes
  4. Prohibit the casual possession of any military grade weaponry.
  5. Prohibit all firearm possession for any members who fail to pass mental fitness and/or criminal background checks
  6. Require all gun sellers in the state to keep sold firearms in their possession until buyers demonstrate that they are members of the State Guard and have passed both the criminal background checks and mental fitness evaluation.

The State Guard should be fully funded in the state budget to meet their needs to fulfill their authorization.