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A Good Week for Congress

This week Congress and the President enacted legislation to settle the contract negotiations between the railroads and their unions. This will avert a strike scheduled to start next week which would have the potential to cripple the American economy.

Under the Commerce Clause of the Constitution (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3) the federal government can regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes. If there ever was a case that needed additional regulation ... this is it. Good for you Republican and Democratic Senators and Congressmen who voted for this and good for President Biden...These were not easy political decisions.

Congress is showing that it does have the ability to overcome partisan differences and come together in the face of pending national emergency. This is the most you guys have looked like an effective legislature in many years. Republicans acted to increase federal regulation of business... something that they say their are against. The Democrats acted to thwart the rights of labor unions...not something that they do lightly.

There are times when Congress should come together. In recent years it has been to end the financial melt-down in 2008 and then to address the financial hardship issues surrouding the Covid-19 pandemic. When the crunch comes they can get it together. Things are looking good for this country

Kevin McCarthy, Charles Schumer, Joe Biden it the next two years please come together and get some more done to fix our partially broken and way-to-expensive health care system. They also need to create and fund an immigration system that addresses this country's need for additional skilled and unskilled workers, the needs of asylum seekers, the rights of "dreamers", and the issue of too many undocumented people trying to enter this country illegally.