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Kristen Sinema goes Independent

Senator Kristen Sinema from Arizona announced that she is switching her political party affiliation from Democrat to Independent. She joins Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Angus King of Maine as the only Independent Senators. It is expected that she will caucus with the Democrats as Sanders and King does.

This is a blow to the two-party system that we have endured for too long. Hopefully, it will be a move toward having non-partisan, open primary elections. The current system in most states allows for party affiliated primary elections. This helps keep third party candidates off all ballots. Having only two main parties has moved the Republicans further to the right and the Democrats further to the left. The middle is being ignored and it is about time for this to change.

Non-Partisan, Open primary elections have all candidates on one ballot. The two candidates who receieve the most votes move on the general election. Washington state, where I live, is one of only five state that have truly open, non-partisan primary elections. In the most recent election there were several congressional districts where both candidates were Democrats. The second place candidate was not the Republican candidate.

While that my not seem fair to the Republicans and their candidates.. it is ultimate more fair to the majority of the voters. When it comes down to it... being fair to voters is more important (and constitutionally appropriate) than being fair to the political parties.

For the vast majority of voters who are in the middle of the political spectrum...electing candidates from the middle of the spectrum is preferable to electing candidates from the political fringe.

We need more Kristen Sinemas (and Angus Kings) in Congress and fewer Matt Gaetzs, fewer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezs, fewer Marjorie Taylor-Greens and fewer Ilhan Omars... elected but not representing anyone except the extreme right wing and the extreme left wing.