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Liz Cheney for Speaker of the House

This week Congress has rushed to action to pass the omnibus spending bill which many believe to be the last best hope for good government has for at least two years. Fourteen Republican essentially crossed the aisle to support this legislation supported by President Biden and the vast majority of Democratic Party legislators in Washingon. They understand that if Kevin McCarthy takes over as Speaker of the House next month very little will get done. McCarthy is spending all of his political capital pandering to the Marjorie Taylor Green Stupid Wing of the Republican Party. He is oftering to support their craziness in exchange for the speakership. McCarthy and the Stupids are making political threats against the Republican Party members who are supporting the current legislation.

What is happening right now is a first attempt at returning to the concept that compromises are necessary to get anything substantial done and keeping the government functioning.

If McCarthy becomes Speaker, the Republican Party majority House of Representitives will be rushing to investigate all of the crazy ideas and trying to pass all of the crazy legislation put forward by the Stupids and do nothing about governing this great country. Actual governing will come to a standstill as the House becomes an asylum.

If McCarthy gets the backing of every Republican Party House member he will be re-elected. He will not need any Democratic Party members to vote for him and none will. However, the Stupid Wing members are threatening to withhold their votes unless they get their way (wa wa). Unless he toes the line for the Stupid Wing, he can't win.

None of the Democatic Party members can win either. No Republican Party members will vote for a Democratic Party Speaker.

How about a compromise... Liz Cheney. She is a Republican. She doesn't support Trump, doesn't agree with the Stupid Wing. She voted to impeach Trump, twice. She was co-chair of the January 6th committee so no true MAGA followers will vote for her. the Left Wing Crazies in the House won't vote for her either. But she should be an acceptable candidate for the rest of the membership. Many Republican Party members and Many Democratic Party members should be able (in good conscience) vote for her. She could well be the over-all best compromise candidate.

She won't be a member of the next Congress, she won't be able to vote to break ties, but she could still be Speaker of The House. And she would make a damn-good Speaker of the House and second in the line of Persidential succession.