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Title 42 - One Good Idea from Trump

Title 42 is the common name for a currently implemented but perhaps going-away border policing policy and strategy. It is actually a part of the United States laws that gives the government the power to take emergency action to help prevent carriers of communicable diseases out of the country. President Trump envoked it as a plan to give border protection agents additional powers to prevent unlawful entry to this country. It was perhaps the only good idea that Trump ever had.

Under this policy, those refugees seeking asylum from their home countries entering from Mexico can be turned away. Refugees seeking asylum here is a different problem for border protection than those who are attempting to legally enter this country to seek economic betterment or those who are attempting to enter this country using unlawful methods.

In the past (before Title 42 was implemented by Trump) refugees seeking asylum were permitted to enter and remain this country while their legal case for asylum was adjudicated in our legal system. Under Title 42 they can be turned away.

That is they can be turned away unless they are citizens of Mexico or Canada, crossing from their home country, and claiming asylum as a refugee from their home country for political reasons.

Those being turned away through this policy are citizens of such politically repressive countries as El Salvador, Venezuela, China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia who are traveling through Mexico. They may want political asylum in the United States, but they are not entitled to it. They received political asylum when they left their home country and reached a safe haven. The United States considers Mexico to be a safe haven country. These refugees are considered safe for political purposes when they reach Mexico. At that point they are not eligible to enter the United States as political refugees seeking political asylum in the USA.

Seems like a moot point but it is not. Sure these people would rather live in the United States than Mexico. But they are no longer political refugees. They are just looking to better their lives by moving here as immigrants.

Our great country allows and encourages legal immigration. We did in the 1870s and we do today. But we have laws and quotas to determine who can and should be allowed to enter this country as immigrants. It's called border protection.

Legal immigration status can and should be applied for at United States Consulate offices, located in many cities around the world. We have ten such offices in Mexico including at major border crossing cities.

The current implementation may be found to be illegal because it was a total ruse to pretend it was needed to prevent the spread of Covid-19... Bad Trump. But it is and will continue to be good for the country until such time (ha ha) as Congress can implement new comprehensive border protection laws.