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A New Speaker

So this week the House of Representitves (actually the Republican Party members of the House) took four days and fifteen votes to elect a new Speaker...Kevin McCarthy. Congratulations to Speaker McCarthy. I truly wonder what he had to concede to the MAGA following, Stupid Wing of the party. This would include the likes of Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor-Greene.

It is widely reported that he quickly gave in to changing the current rule that a single member cannot force a recall of the Speaker (which is a rule that Nancy Pelosi insisted upon). It is also reported that he agreed to put some addtional Stupid Wingers onto the Rules Committee, and give some subcommittee chair positions to the Stupid.

Of course this is what is being reported in the Mainsteam Press which hasn't been exactly the most accurate source for the Republican Party side of any story.

It will be very interesting to see if and how McCarthy can build the level of support that Nancy Pelosi was able to build on the Democratic Party side (which is as fractured as are the Republicans). No five Democratic Party members ever put forward a recall motion. How long will it be before a single Stupid Wing follower excercises their stupidity? If a recall is started, will the Democratic Party members vote in favor? We will probably see soon enough.

If there is a recall and it fails to pass, McCarthy will remain speaker. This will probably embolden him to ignore and/or implicitly revoke any of the changes he gave into for the Stupid Wing. As we know Republican Party leaders often ignore rules, flaunt their actions, and are given free passes. Is this likely to happen down the road?

Will Republican Party members of Congress act like Republicans?... You can almost count on it. Will the Stupids act even more stupid, and accomplish even less? You can almost count on that also. Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic Party members will have big shit eating grins on their faces.