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Biden and Classified Documents

This week it was revealed that United States Government classified documents had been found in an office in Washington DC that was used by President Biden when he became the former vice-president in 2017. These and additional documents that were subsequently discovered in Biden's home in Delaware were turned over to the Department of Justice. Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a Special Prosecuter to follow up with this matter.

Can you believe it? Can you believe how quiet the Republicans and Fox News are being. In any other time they would be raising high hell and demanding that the President be impeached. Not much they can say this time. Can you believe Biden and his staff didn't better protect classified documents? What were they thinking?

Just like in Trump's case... the staff were just blindly following directions without question. Just like President Trump, Vice-President Biden didn't see this as a problem. They viewed themselves as being beyond the law, or that the laws don't apply to them.

There are however differences between them: The soon-to-be-indicted former President Trumps actions were far more egregious. Trump has claimed that these are his documents, not the Governments. He claimed that by waving a magic wand he can un-classify documents, and he refused to cooperate with the National Archives and the Department of Justice when he was asked to return the documents. On the other hand it appears as if President Biden has been completely cooperative with the National Archives and the DOJ. Trump should face prosecution for his actions... and the minimum would be for obstructing an investigation.

How about a compromise... IMHO neither Biden nor Trump should be allowed to run for any Federal Office in the future. Solves a lot of potential problems with little downside.

Note to former Presidents and former Secretaries of State alike... Any government documents at your home, office, garage where you keep the Corvette, mini-storage facility or anywhere other that a federal government building or your presidential library--- Burn them immediately.