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Is Justice the Christian word for Revenge?

Once again there has been a seemingly senseless killing of a young black man by police officers. This time in Memphis. Will there be a next time... of course there will. Just like with most seemingly senseless killings whether the victims are children, young black men, the homeless or middle aged white guys the general public, the clergy, the news media, the politicians, the relatives all publically announce that they want to see, need, or demand Justice for the victim. "What do we want...Justice, When do we want it...Now"

Great sound and video bites... don't we all want justice? Of course we do. And because we all want justice we have created a judicial system with the goal of creating justice (for society) out of wrongdoing. The goal has never been justice for the the victim, relatives of the victim, or segments of our society; Justice for society.

To make our judicial system function we have created professional dectectives examining evidence, professional prosecuters determining what crimes may have been committed and and by whom. We have created a system of courts (often with politically elected judges) to examine evidence and testimony on behalf of the prosecutors and the accused. We have juries (comprised of members of the community) to weigh the evidence and testimony and decide guilt. We have what we sometimes call corrections to punish the convicted. At each and every step we demand professionalism, and a complete and thorough examination of opinions, facts and evidence. If we err, we try to err to the benefit of the accused. Society wants the process to take the necessary time for these professionals to do their jobs. Justice takes time. Justice doesn't always create the results demanded by mobs.

When the relatives, when the media, when the politicians, and especially when the clergy say "What do we want...Justice, When do we want it...Now"... they really see to mean that what they want is good o'l Old Testament... eye for an eye ...Revenge. They should be ashamed of their hyprocracy.