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Where is the recession?

CNN has reported that the United States economy added 517000 jobs in January and that the "the labor market isn't ready to cool down just yet." Once again here in the post-Covid era the economists and the mass media get it wrong. Also according to CNN "economists were expecting 185000 jobs would be added last month, according to consensus estimates"

First IMHO CNN and much of the mainstream media is editorializing the news. The facts are that 517000 new jobs were created in January. The editorial opinion is that "the labor market isn't ready to cool down just yet". Their opinion seems to be the that labor market should (as part of it's duty?) slow down so that we can have this recession. I guess a recession may benefit CNN.

I point this out not as a supporter of Trump and his cries of fake news. I point this out as one who wants news reporting to be impartial. I want editorials labeled as opinion pieces. The mixing of the two, whether it is done by CNN , The New York Times, The Washington Post, or Fox News , is unprofessional.

Secondly, again IMHO here is another case where where a concensus of experts agree on a political stance, it becomes a fact in the eyes of the mainstream mass media. The economists of this nation agreed that the United States was on track for a recession. Therefore it is a fact that we are going to have one. Once again the experts were wrong. They either didn't have correct data or they were analyzing it in a manner that does not always create an accurate forecast.

As I have written before, a similar thing has been happening for some thirty years now. The idea that the current warming of the planet is caused by the human industrial activities. That if we stopped polluting the air and water global warming would stop and sea levels will recede and the glaciers will come back is often published as a fact. It is is the concensus opinion of many people who think of themselves as scientists. As with the economists, they may not be correct. The planet has been warming for at least 150 years... since long before there were massive industrial burning of fossil fuels.