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Be Careful What You Wish For

While many people who tend to favor Democratic Party candidates continue to cheer any possible prosecution of Donald Trump, the Democratic Party leaders have much bigger problems and they are being ignored.

IMHO there is only one major potential Republican Party candidate that Joe Biden can defeat in the upcoming presidential election...Donald Trump. Guys, if you truly want Biden re-elected you should be doing everything that you can to get Trump's name on the ballot.

Right now, based on his performance and how his performance is being evaluated in the mainstream press that left-leaning voters follow... Joe Biden isn't doing a great job. He comes across as old. He comes across as slow. Inflation is still high. Interest rates are high. The homeless crisis in many of our cities is out-of-control. Gun violence is out-of-control. Lawlessness and the seeming lack of effectuve law enforcement is a major problem. The borders seem open. The workforce has shrunk.

And of course the MAGA supporting news media reports that it is even worse.

To mainstream America, Joe Biden appears to be a weak president who is unable to solve these problems. His only major attribute is that he isn't Donald Trump.

Your choices seem to be to stop working against Trump or find,nourish, triumph a candidate who can defeat Ron DeSantis, Niki Halley or whoever else runs against Trump for the Republican Party nomination.

This potential Democratic Party candidate isn't Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or anyone perceived as part of the old guard. This potential candidate isn't an ultra-progressive. This potential candidate is a main-stream Democrat.

The job of President of the United States requires someone who can manage a huge government as well as lead the American People. Don't look to the Senate...Thats where consumate politicans go to die. Look to state governors look to business leaders.

How about Gavin Newsome. How about Jeff Bezos. How about Bill Gates. How about Tim Cook. These are the folks that need to be cajoled.

Democratic Party leaders open your eyes and ears. Look and hear. Wake up or you will find Ron DeSantis in the White House.