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The National Debt Limit Issue

The United States government will soon come up upon a limit to the national debt. Each year Congress authorizes and the government spends billions of dollars more than it takes in. This deficit spending has happened every year since Bill Clinton was president. Through the presidencies of Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden; through Republican Party leadership in both houses of Congress, through Democratic Party leadership in both houses the federal government has spent more than it has taken in as income. In each of those years the national debt has been increased in order to pay for the operations of the government.

The uncompromising members of the current House of Representitives are refusing to raise the limit of the debt, even for spending that they have previously authorized... even for spending that they won't cut. This puts government operations in a bind.This puts the economy in a bind.

President Joe Biden's best solution may be to ignore Congress and allow the government to continue spending at budgeted levels and allow the national debt to grow. By doing so he will keep the military and other vital functions of government operating, save the credit rating of the United States government, save the position of the dollar as THE WORLD'S MAIN STORE OF VALUE AND MEDIUM OF TRADE, and keep the economy strong.

Doing this will help him get re-elected. Doing this will insure his position as one of the greatest presidents in history.

Doing this will also certainly get him impeached by the House of Representitives. He will join Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and (of course) Donald Trump. Wouldn't it be ironic to have both major party presidential candidates be impeached former presidents (rhetorical question)?

However like previously impeached presidents, the Senate will not remove him from office.

IMHO...impeachment by the House of Representitives... without conviction in the Senate... for political reasons is a totally pointless, gutless political move.

The only recourse the elected officials in the Republican Party will have will be legal battles in federal courts, up to and possibly including the Supreme Court. Who knows what will happen?. The United States Supreme Court may well decide not to take the case.

The Supreme Court may eventually decide against the President... whoever the president is at that time. It will, however, be up to the Executive Branch of the Government to enforce this ruling. Who knows what will happen? If the President refuses to enforce the ruling... the Supreme Court becomes powerless. Perhaps a good thing.

Let's see what happens. I'm willing to roll the dice. We can't do much worse than we are doing now. What do you think?