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Bidens Budget and the Big Lie

The more I see President Biden in action, the more that I am impressed by his political skills. Of course and on the other hand the more that I see, the more that I hate politics, hate politicians...but enough of that. He now has something to base his presidential campaign upon. Here are the things that he wants to accomplish. He has shown his hand.

Of course, Congress will never in a million years enact this budget. But it is out there for all to see. His intention is to raise taxes (soak) on high-income owners and and corporations. The Republican Party controlled House of Representitives and every Republican Party candidate for President will now have to respond. They will either have to have their own detailed plan to reduce the deficit or pick at the items Biden is proposing. All Biden has to do is be be sure everyone who would benefit from anything that any Republican Party politicans speak against are enraged. He has something for almost everyone...except the wealthy.

His strategy is, of course, to enrage a large spectrum of voters against what they Republican Party politicans want to take away from them. He is smart enough to know that if he proposes and endorses an becomes a reality to many voters. If he can convince them of this reality he can enrage them against Republican Party politicians plans to take these benefits away. Not really much different that what the Soon-to-Be-Indicted Ex-President Trump has successfully done in the past.

Like Trump, like P.T. Barnum, President Biden seems to understand that the voters are basically stupid and need to be treated like children.

President Biden wants to spend billions and billions of additional dollars and reduce the federal deficit the same time. The Big Lie is that this won't ever balance the budget or even reduce the federal deficit.

More federal government spending only increases the federal deficit.

Raising taxes on wealthy people and corporations (regardless of what the Supreme Court says, corporations are not people...but once again I digress) will never, never, never decrease the deficit. Wealthy people and corporations don't have a significant part of their income withheld (stolen) by the IRS and they are smart enough to hire smart tax advisors, attorneys and accountants to keep their taxes to an absolute minimum. Whatever changes are made to tax laws, these guys will figure out a way around it.

The only way to reduce the federal deficit is to reduce federal spending or to increase taxes on those who have taxes withheld from their paychecks. There is absolutely no political will on either side of the aisle to do either.