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Trump's Pending Indictment

The soon-to-be-indicted, ex-president Donald Trump last week urged his supporters to protest when the New York County indictment of himself is handed down and he has to appear at the 100 Centre Street Courthouse for arraignent. Let's be clear... by protest he means commits acts of terror and violence. Nothing that Tucker Carlson or Kevin McCarthy say can change that reality

Nothing that Trump says can either change the realilty that there are approximately 36000 police officers in the NYPD. He expects many of them to defy orders, destroy the future, and risk their pensions to aide the insurrection. Good Luck There. The NYPD has as many officers as an United States Army Corp has troops.

Trump is planning to send the few Proud Boys who aren't already in jail up against these guys. Expect a few busted heads. Maybe even death and destruction. I'm kind of looking forward to it.

Staging in insurrection on Manhattan is one of the most stupid places that I can think of. Camp Pendelton might be more stupid, but not by much.

Then of course Fox NotNews Talking Heads, trying to bait the Democratic Party contend that an indictment will actually help Trump. Imagine the party of law and order, the party of lock em up, the Republican Party actually nominating a person under indictment to run for president. It is an absurd thought. Ha! Ha! Ha! Could they be so stupid?

I used to vote for Republican Party candidates. I proudly voted for Ronald Reagan. This is not the party of Ronald Reagan and it hasn't been the party of Lincoln since Richard Nixon was the nominee. This is the party of stupid right-wing bullshit.