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Trump Indicted!

The former Soon-to-Indicted, Former-President Donald Trump is now Indicted, Former-President Donald Trump. It's about time. He has agreed to turn himself in next Tuesday, to appear before a judge, get fingerprinted, and photographed by the New York County justice system.

Don't believe what his supporters say, he will receive special treatment: He won't do the perp walk. He won't be handcuffed. He won't be strip searched, He won't have his personal property confiscated, He won't see the inside of either The Tombs or Rikers Island. If this were purely political theater, he would.

His supporters say that this a purely political maneuver because Democrats don't like Trump. OK.. why don't you phrase it as "he may have violated some laws, but he doesn't deserve to be either investigated or charged". I could accept that as what you really believe. But you are saying not only didn't he break laws, he should be above suspicion and above having liability. Sounds like "I didn't hit my wife, and not only that, and I was insane when I didn't do it. But I'm not insane now." You can't have it both ways and not sound STUPID!.

Admit it guys. He did wrong. Admit that you think he should be given a "pass" because he was President. Once again, I could accept the legitimacy of that argument.

IMHO he may have done wrong. Let's let the New York County justice system decide.

But you say (as I read in the liberal press) ... Try him for the big stuff...the insurrection. Skip these small potatoes.

Did you guys forget what you learned in 12th grade civics. He is suspected of criminal activity in New York County. We have a disbursed justice system. If he violated the laws of New York State, let New York State try him. The same goes for Georgia

If you think he should face more serious federal charges instead.. then complain to President Biden and Attorney General Garland. I haven't heard that federal charges are pending. Are you saying we should wait? Thats what Republican Party leaders say also. Both sides say this because even the Democratic Party leaders, deep down inside, believe that this is political

Wrong, guys. Wrong, guys, on both sides. This is strictly a legal issue. If a grand jury in New York has indicted Trump for crimes against the State of New York, he should be proscecuted in New York. If he is found guilty, he should be held accountable. Pretty simple issue in my mind.

Whether he is prosecuted or not, whether he is found guilty or not. If he is nominated to be the presidential candidate in 2024 by theRepublican Party, let him run. Ultimately, it should be up to the voters, as it was in 1860,1968, 2012, 2016 and 2020. This is still a representitive democracy.