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Trump Arrigned in New York

This week it finally happened... the indicted ex-president Trump was arraigned in the New York County Supreme Court. He was fingerprinted and pled not-guilty. He was not photographed, nor was he handcuffed. There was no perp-walk. It was handled in a fully legal non-political manner.

Of course, Trump being Trump, later that day lashed out at both District Attorney Alvin Bragg and the presiding judge, Juan Merchan. He just can't help himself. During the arraignment the judge even admonished him to tone down the rhetoric. He was probably pushing the envelope when he attacked the District Attorney Bragg's family. If Judge Merchan finds him in contempt of court, he could face arrest. and a few days at Rykers Island. Let's see Ron DeSantis try to prevent that extradition.

A great point was made by DA Bragg in his press conference after the arraigment. He said that since New York City is the financial capital of the world, it is in the best interests of protecting the city and county to vigorously prosecute financial crimes. He takes this seriously and has a special unit in the Office of the District Attorney that specializes in the prosection of financial crimes. Crimes like what Trump is charged with are this unit's bread and butter. He feels that he would be derelict in his duties if he fails prosecute this case.

Like many of you out there in the blogosphere, I too wish that a more serious crime ... like inciting an insurrection were the first cases to be prosecuted. In our distributed justice system, there isn't (nor should there be) coordinatation (collusion) between judicial entities. If the first case to come up wasn't the incitement of the insurrection, it may be that the Justice Department isn't yet prepared to prosecute at this time.

Lay that on Trump, his attorneys and political cronies. They are the ones who seem to be setting up roadblocks to delay the examination of evidence by the Justice Department. Perhaps if they were more anxious to see this play out in the justice system, they would much more give off the appearance of innocense. Everything that they say and do make Trump appear to be more guilty

Trump's base still adores him. Nothing that is happening in the justice system will change that. The Trump haters (like myself) aren't being swayed either. But those in the middle are. It's those who aren't yet Trump haters who are listening and watching. Trump is doing absolutely nothing to bring them to his side. That is the best thing that is happening right now.