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Leaked Top Secret Documents

The mainstream news providers are all-abuzz this week about "leaked" documents that have been appearing all over the Internet and of the Massachusetts Air National Guard intelligence officer who may have leaked them. Of course, they are following the lead from The New York Times publishing of the Pentagon Papers over 50 years ago, everything in these documents, no matter how potentially sensitive to US national security, are being published. They pretend to worry over national security but then the publish documents that are marked "Top Secret".

Perhaps the laugh is on them. This whole story is a little too convenient. First off what has been published is probably more embarassing to the US than it is a security risk. Kind of a nothing burger in terms of "secrets" that our adversaries could use against us. Egypt supplying weapons to Russia, Hungary viewing us (fellow NATO members) as potential adversaries. There may have been more Russsian casualties than reported. The positions occupied by Ukrainian forces two weeks ago. There doesn't seem to be much of military value here.

And now we find that an Airman First Class in the National Guard (eg not an officer, and not regular military) had access to this material. Right. What could possibly be his need to know top-secret information like this. Seems more likely he was set up. Perhaps by Air Force Intelligence itself. Who knows, who will ever know.

And if he was set up, then the material that was released was clearly fake. If it is fake, Military Intelligence may not actually be an oxymoron, and certainly our mainstream media press looks even more stupid. To them, anything marked "top secret" must be, and must be published,