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Front Yard Shootings

This week the big story hasn't been mass shootings in schools or supermarkets. It is now happening one at at time in people's front yards. Be careful the next time you walk into someone else's yard... you may be shot without warning (especially if you are black or female)

Are members of the far-right so delusionally paranoid that they believe everyone approaching them is a threat. What have we come to as a society? I'm a white guy, perhaps I look like a stupid MAGAbilly. I am probably safe...for now.

Gun advocates beware. My side right now is only proposing bans on semi-automatic (M15 style for you stupids) weapons and those that can be made to be semi-automatic and automatic. We know that we have a majority of Americans on our side. We will prevail... at some time. However, the longer that it takes for sensible gun control and the more innocent lives are lost to firearms in the hands of people who shouldn't have them, the more likely it will become a universally popular idea to ban all guns. Let us be like England.

I have written previously about the idea of states requiring all gun owners to be members of "well-regulated militia" operated by the individual states. This would be clearly constitutional... read the Second Amendment. Now is the time to reintruduce this idea at the state level.

The gun lobby has always said that we need to treat mental illness, not take away guns. This week has shown the fallacy of this argment. Clearly owning guns causes mental illness. Take the damn guns away, please .. or make them join the well-regulated state militia.